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Vijay (Maharashtra, India)

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Light house in the fort

Mysore Palace main gate

View from Eiffel tower 1

Shwetha Varahaswamy Temple

Rainbow on earth

Pattadakal Group of Temples

Hidimba Devi Temple

Moais at easter Island

Diu fort

Chamarel Cascade (Waterfall)

Panikota Fort

Wonderful sandstone carvings

Moais at Easter Island

Shining ornamented walls

Nandi - Ferocious yet gentle

Majestic Diu Fort


Mysore Palace

Nandi the Bull at Bull temple

cannon at Diu fort

Paris cityscape from Eiffel tower

Hidimba Temple History

Room interior at Patwon-ki-Haveli

Walls, jharokha and jaalis...

Salim Sing's peacock haveli

The beautiful palace

Decorated corridors of power

Intricate carvings

Stairway to Nandi the Bull temple

Notre Dame cathedral

Ferocious Mahisasura

Nandi the Bull

The Papanatha Temple

Godess Chamundi Temple

Ornamented Peacock

The Charamel Waterfall

Chital couple ( spotted deer or axis deer)

Nagarhole Tiger reserve

Temple at Ganga Talao Lake

Church structure in Diu fort

Multi coloured earth

Diwan-e-aam Audience Hall

Eiffel Tower from Champ De Mars

Panikota fort

Beautiful peacock

Mallikarjuna Temple

Coloured Sand Dunes

Elephants at Nagarhole National Park

Notre Dam Paris interior

The Jambulinga Temple

Colorful corridors of power