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Priyanka Sahani (Karnataka, India)

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Entry of National Library of Belarus

Folklore Museum

Jordaan in Amstredam

Statue of Hercules and the Cerberus

Epitaph of Lincoln

Neptune at Neptune Fountain


Passageway in Upper Canyon

Haunted Courtyard at Akershus

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alcatraz Island

Beautiful fountain sculpture

Statue of Hercules and the Cerberus

Schönbrunn Palace entrance

Day view Golden Gate Bridge

Van Gogh Museum

Sculpture in round pool

Art deco at Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Temple Tank for purifiction

The Hungarian State Opera House

Astronomical Clock Prague

Viking Ship Museum

The building of the Goldenes Dachl

Antelope Canyons

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

Night View of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Schönbrunn Palace Great Gallery

St Pauls ruins

Walls of the Colosseum

The Royal Danish Theatre

Akershus Fortress

Lower Ambras Castle

Traffic lights at Golden Gate Bridge

Malaysia at Miniland

Spanish Hall at Ambras Castle

Entry to the Lower Antelope Canyon

Charles Bridge

Temple wall of A-Ma

Stedelijk Museum

Inside view of A-ma Temple

Holy Boat model at A-Ma temple

The colorful waterfront

Old Town square Prague

A-Ma temple

Abraham Lincoln by Daniel Chester French

The Satmahal Prasadaya

Golden Gate Bridge from Marshall's Beach

Antelope Canyon

Goldenes Dachl

Ambras Castle

Interior of Hungarian State Opera House

The Schönbrunn Palace Garden Gloriette

Engraved Ambras Castle

The beautiful brick and ceramic arches

Hofburg Palace

South View of Church of Christ Pantocrator

Front of Oslo Royal Palace

Golden Gate Bridge

Ateneum - Finnish National Museum of Art

The Ruins of St. Paul's

National Library of Belarus

Statue of Archduke Charles

Musicians in front of Goldenes Dachl

Legoland entrance

The east exterior wall of of Church of Christ Pantocrator

London at Legoland

Roman Amphitheater

The little mermaid

Polonnaruwa Vatadage

The Charles Bridge Prague

The ballet dancers

Alcatraz Lighthouse

The Tower of London

Széchenyi thermal baths

Many Buddhas

the Colosseum's original facade

Hungarian State Opera House interior

From top of National Library of Belarus

National Opera and Ballet of Belarus

Santa Cruz Basilica

Roof Painting at Great Gallery

Grave of Field Marshal Augustin Ehrensvärd

The Oseberg ship at Viking ship Museum

Ornate pillars created with Lathe machine

Sculptures on top of National Opera and Ballet of Belarus

Statue at Joseph Square

Golden Cave Temple

The walls of the Prague castle

Hungarian Parliament Building

The Chennakeshava Temple

Painted ceiling and bronze chandelier

Széchenyi thermal bath Park

The Colosseum Exterior

Inside the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Lincoln watching you!

Food spots galore

Széchenyi thermal bath

Iconic Church Westerkerk

Chain Bridge

Neptune Fountain

Domical Bay ceiling at the Mantapa

Warden's House Alcatraz

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya

Hoysala Emblem at Chennakesava Temple

Night view Golden Gate Bridge

Lighthouse at Alcatraz

Prague Old Town Square

North facade of Church of Christ Pantocrator

Ravens at the Tower of London