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Manas Patel (Gujarat, India)

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Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Sleeping Buddha and 5 deciples

Zebras at Lake Nakuru

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

The Scala dei Giganti

The Grand Canal

Zonal Anthropological Museum

Gossiping dolls at Rotary Dolls Museum

Dolma Aunty at Dolma Aunty's momos

The jail balcony

Giraffe at The Shimba Hills National Reserve

Metropolitan Cathedral interior

Lioness at Nairobi National park

My name is Bond...James Bond

James Bond

Limestone structures

Betaab Valley

The 4 roman rulers

Colonial Prison - kalapani

Food heaven from the sea

Sheldrick Falls in Shimba hills

Russian Politics!

Way to The Shimba Hills National Reserve

Amazing performing birds

Wat Suwan Kuha cave temple

Symbol of Venice

Shaking, hanging Jhulta Minarets

Happy New Year 2018

Colorful sculpture at Gopuram

Cathedral Interiors

Beautiful Shimba Hills National Reserve

carvings at the mosque

Cathedral at Milan

Dolls from different countries

Fortress wall of Sforza Castle

Zero Milestone

Various scale model boats

Palacio de La Moneda

Opulent St Mark's Basilica

Lidder River in Betaab Valley

Churning of sea to get amrut

The Bridge on Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Buddha in many forms

Chapultepec Castle exterior

Relief muarls of Huaca del Arco Iris

Lakshman Jhula Bridge

Burj Khalifa New Year Eve

Ross Island entry point

Entrance of the Shimba Hills National Reserve

Inside the cell

San Marco Campanile

Zebra and patterns

Jama Masjid Entrance

Reclining Buddha

British bakery at Ross Island

Stained Glass storytelling

Laser show at Burj Khalifa

Amazing performing birds

Buland darwaza

Bridge of Sighs

Gandhi's Charkha

Iconic Machu Picchu

dolls from germany

Jetty View of Ko Payni Island

Adult male Sable Antelope

The intricate jali of Sidi Saiyyad Mosque

Sforza Castle

Chruch ruins

Buland Darwaza

Madonnina(Virgin Mary) spire

The ZERO Milestone

Chapultepec Castle

Dolls museum entrance

Sheldrick Falls in Shimba hills

Cathedral interior

Ko Panyi Island

Zonal Anthropological Museum

View from within

Dolma Aunty Momo

Virgin Mary statue on San Cristóbal Hill

The Pillars in Jama Masjid

Inside the dark cave

Horses of Saint Mark-Lysippos

Young and Old Zebras

Inside the cave temple Suwan Kuha

Pelicans at the High Flyers Show

Statues all over

Buffalo at The Shimba Hills National Reserve

Real size fisherman boat

Doge's Palace

Dolls and more dolls

Tribal of Andaman Nicober

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Chapultepec Castle interiors

Political prisoners

Approaching the James Bond Island

Meditation form Buddha

Lakshman Jhula

Dhwajasthambha at Kailasa Temple (Cave 16)

Gandhi Sabarmati Ashram

Amazing performing birds

Jurong Bird park

Sansovino’s Mars at Doge's Palace

Male Impala

Main entrance of Milan Cathedral


Estacion Mapocho

Zero Milestone Details

Happy New Year 2018 Burj Khalifa

last supper mural in display

Cellular jail entrance

Neelkanth Mahadev temple

Young Bull at the Shimba Hills National Reserve

15 m long reclining Buddha

Restaurants on stilts