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Antonio Stefano (North Holland, Netherlands)

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Stone Ships of Karnak

Vasa Museum

The city wall and the gate

De Bijenkorf premium department store

Majestic vasa ship

The Delft Eastern Gate

Archangel Michael and the dragon

Palace of the Parliament

Guardians at Tōdai-ji temple

Offerings at Todaji

Old Jewish Cemetery

De Vrede (Peace) at National Monument

The Eastern Gate Twin Tower

The Nandaimon (Great South Gate)

Decorated ceiling at Vienna State Opera

Grave of Famous jews

The Red Church

The majestic Vasa Ship

Canon fire holes of Vasa warship

Relief at National Monument

Red Church - Church of Saints Simon and Helena

Gate Passage from the Fields side

Eastern Gate Twin Tower

Palace of the Parliament

Resistance by working classes

The Birushana Buddha

Victory Monument at Victory square

Pillars of Great Hypostyle Hall

Engraved Pillars of Great Hypostyle Hall

Statue of Hugo Grotius

Passage through the gate

Vairocana Buddha

Church and statue of Hugo Grotius

Nandaimon - The Great South Gate

The National Monument

Great Buddha Hall (Daibutsuden)