PlacPic, in simple words is ‘PLACES in PICTURES’. Upload and share places in the form of pictures.

PlacPic is a collaborated online community of anyone who loves to click a picture of a place on this earth! One need not be a photographer or a tourist, but one needs to be a traveller who finds every place under the sun a place of delight. The next best place can be just outside your door! Everyplace is a scenic place! Isn’t it?

Who can add places to placpic.com?

Anyone and everyone from across the world can add a place in the form of a picture. It’s you, who PalcPic depends upon to discover and showcase amazing, breathtaking known and unknown places from across the globe.

Arts Entertainment - Important art and entertainment places
Haunted - Ghost houses and Creepy corners
School/College/university - Schools, Colleges and Universities
Events - World Events to Local Events
Film Locations - Great filming locations where films are shot
Food Spots - Big restaurants to roadside eateries to local delicacies
Hangouts - Great place where people meet
Heritage - Wonderful heritage sites from across the world
Travel & Leisure - Everything and anything about Travel
Landmark - Great places known by many
Man-made Marvels - Marvels in architecture
Natural Delight - Waterfalls to Jungles to Deserts
Nostalgia - A place with a personal memory attached
Outstanding Outdoors - Fascinating outdoor activity locations
Political - Important places with political history
Religious Sites - Temples, Churches, Mosques
Secret Places -A place you know but many don’t
Shopping - Malls, Shopping arcades, Flea markets
Sports - Stadiums, Sporting arenas
Streets - Important to non descriptive
Wildlife - Nature parks, Safaris
Random - General Category

All Pictures uploaded to PlacPIc must legally be your own work. To maintain authenticity, we don’t encourage sourcing picture from online or other sources.

You may upload images to PlacPic in a very simple process.
Click on upload and choose a picture to upload.
Now you may do some visual enhancement to your selected image.
Once you are done, give your picture a title.
Choose a category that your image pertains to.
Add few tags that may explain your picture further.
Now add a place by entering few letters for suggestion(Places database is already available).
You may also add a sound effect that might enhance your image.
And then click on upload. YOU ARE DONE! Simple!

You can add one place with corresponding one picture at one time, but not an album. You may repeat the process of uploading if you intend to add more than one place.

We recommend Landscape orientation for best results.
Pictures should be 600 x 400 or more to display properly
No watermarks or visual accreditation
Any further queries regarding Pictures, please contact us at INFO@PLACPIC.COM

When you upload an image to PlacPic, you maintain full copyright over that particular image. Every time you upload and image, your image will highlight your ownership through a watermark that displays your registered username. However, PlacPic gets the license for the purposes of displaying it as part of its services.

Apart from adding places by uploading pictures, you may also make you travel tale more exciting by clicking on places BEEN HERE if you have already seen that particular place or click on I WANT TO GO HERE if you want to add this place in your wish list. You earn PlacPic points here too.

You can earn points for every action on PlacPic. The more points you earn, the more possibility of you featuring on top of the Leader board. As of now, PlacPic uses the point system more for fun. But as we go along, we intend to use it more for reward purpose.

You get points for every activity that you do on PlacPic. You get points for Signing Up, Uploading and Adding a place. You also get points for commenting, linking and sharing PlacPic place pictures.

Few simple steps.
Keep adding great Places and Pictures consistently.
Make sure your add exciting places as they help in getting more reactions, thus more points for you.
Be very active on your own profile as well as reacting on places and pictures added by fellow members.

Please click on the flag, and you will be taken to a message box. Specify your reasons for reporting and send us the mail. We will evaluate and take necessary actions if required.

Please send an email to: deactivate@placpic.com