About Us

We’re truly dedicated to make your travel experience as much simple and fun as possible!

PlacPic is a 360 degrees 'Picture Postcard' travel technology portal and app that is all about places we know, and places we dont know and want to discover!

PlacPic values every place as a tourist place that one should travel to. It gives you a 'how to reach' travel package plan with suggested time and cost that includes Air, Train, Bus travel separately or together with multiple options.

PlacPic is a fully free user generated platform that enables you to add a place you know just through a picture with exact geo location, description and desired tags. PlacPic automatically clubs your place into a Place tree pertaining to region and country.

You may also browse through places introduced by fellow users.

Now what can you do? For every place in PlacPic, you can
Endorse your own or other places
Review your own or other places
Mark as 'Been To' to your own and other places
Mark as 'Want to Go' to other places
Save the place
Like and comment
If you feel like travelling to places you are seeing?
Click on 'Plan a Trip' and enter any 'from' location. We will tell you how you can travel!

The result will show multiple ways you can reach, with multiple options of using Plane, Train, Bus separately or all together, with suggested time and money. Isn't it great!

PlacPic is based out of Mumbai, India and is founded by Shreedatt Dash, a National Institute of Design graduate (NID, Ahmedabad) with varied experience in design, media, broadcast and travel fields with a keen interest in cultural anthropology.