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Help and Guide People discover Places and Contribute and Earn Points

Be a Columbus

Zillion of places and just one lifetime. Take a voyage now and discover the known and unknown places from across the Globe following the place tree.

Introduce Places

You have set your foot on many places. Now, introduce them to the World. & get lifelong credit. Also, retain copyright for evry picture you upload.

Plan A Trip

Like a place? Enter your starting location and voila! Get real time route options, way to reach with total time and cost suggestions.

Add thoughts & Ask questions

Add random thoughts about places. Ask or answer questions, give answer or get answered. Discover fascinating facts about places.

You are the Judge!

Your opinion counts. Endorse places you know across 4 parameters. Or just like a place, mark if you have been to or want to go to a place.

Compare & Book Hotels / Flights

Find nearby hotels for every place with distance. Compare multiple booking sites to book your hotels at the cheapest price.

Search for Places through Categories

  • Nostalgia


    Every place has a personal memory attached. The look, the smell, the...Ah!
    Travel & Leisure

    Travel & Leisure

    One World and so many Places to see. Everything and anything about Travel
  • Random


    Oh no! Dont know where to add. Add here. Everything possible
    Arts Entertainment

    Arts Entertainment

    Important Art and Entertainment Places from around the World
  • Film Locations

    Film Locations

    Ah! This is the Place that film was shot! We associate Film Locations as Places?


    Stadium to Sports arenas indoor ar outdoor, share the Places you have been to

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