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Gwalior Fort
Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

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21 tirthankaras

Elephant gate at Gwalior fort

Saas-Bahu Temple

Stone carved Jain statues

Siddhachal Jain Temple Caves

Bhagwan Adinath Statue

Teli Mandir

Courtyard at Gwalior fort

Majestic Gwalior fort

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Amit Kumar Patwari, Manas Mukherjee, Sagar

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Manas Mukherjee    On 2017-01-18 17:46:16

Trust me, this place is a must see. Go beyond the obvious. You will discover an amazing heritage site.

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Siva   On 2017-05-25 17:47:31

What is the best time to visit, if one wants to avoid the heat.

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Devendra Chauhan    On 2016-10-18 15:19:58

Gwalior is a fantastic place, and in my wishlist. The sculpture here look so stunning.

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