Lepakshi Temple

Temples in India; Faith, Myth and Legend – 1

  India, a civilisation that is rich in culture, colourful and untapped. Thousands of years of evolution that has seen many foreign influences that are beautifully amalgamated to bring out a new way of thinking. Open and receptive, yet selective in its acceptance, imbibing the new yet retaining its own. Though the word Hindu was […]

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Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner

Hindu Shrines of India…Folklore, Myths and Legends – 1

  Life is a continuous process, body is temporary…so believes Hinduism. Soul moves from Body to Body through different births,  going up or down the ladder through Karma. A good deed earns you a better birth and life. And one among the many good Karma is visiting the abodes of Gods. Thus, Pilgrimage is considered […]

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