Be a Columbus!

7 continents, 195 countries, Zillion of places and just one lifetime. Take a voyage now and discover the known and unknown places from across the Globe following the place tree.

You, the Travel Scholar!

You have set your foot on many places. Now, introduce those amazing places for the World to discover. Imprint your watermark for every photo you upload, & get lifelong credit for every new place you add.

You are the Judge!

Your opinion counts. Endorse a place through 4 parameters or just add your random thoughts. Show-off to the world, if you have been there.

Plan Your Trip

Like a place? Enter your starting location and voila! Get real time route options, way to reach with total time and cost suggestions. Book tickets! Find nearby hotels with distance to book and reserve!

Search for Places through Categories

  • Outstanding Outdoors

    Outstanding Outdoors

    Get ready. We are going Bungee jumping! Great places for outdoor activities
    Heritage Sites

    Heritage Sites

    Some Places just take your breath away. Preserve and showcase them
  • Streets


    The road to everywhere starts from a street. Sometimes, it may be just outside your home. Share them.
    Religious Sites

    Religious Sites

    Call it Church, Temple or Mosque, this is the Place where we often find peace.
  • Hangouts


    Those were the days! Remember the places where you went on your first date


    Get the shivers! Creepy and Haunted Places.

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